Abstract & Figurative

Each painting I do has style by design. When applying colour and medium, most often acrylic, I prefer a palette knife. This not only builds texture, depth, and movement, it instills mystery into each piece. My paintings are both suggestive and expressive. When I feel emotion and sense poetry on my canvas I know it is complete. It is essential that my work capture the spirituality inherent in art.

Definition; Scientific line graphs transformed into art.prefer a palette knife.

Scientific data has inspired me to paint this series. Sparks from the mind that are decades old, Einstein’s Theory of Relativity moved me to paint The History of Gravitational Waves. Graphs display volumes of data for simplistic reading. My work is an abstract expression of the data from ideas and dreams. The Big Ideas in science lead me to the colour, rhythm, movement, texture and intensity of the subjects then I visually reinterpret the messages fusing science and art. I see my work as perhaps the final destination of an original idea that has made a journey from the human brain to be analyzed, processed and evaluated by the world at large then like a butterfly on a daisy it lights on my canvas.

Maggie Broda

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