Classic Cruise of the Greek Islands & Turkey

Hello Travel Family,


I hope everyone is well and happy. I’ve been thinking about the fun it was getting to know you, enjoy your wit and insight for travel and wanted to share this: Gary and I just confirmed a fantastic new adventure to celebrate my retirement as an Educator, we have confirmed our Cruise of Greek Islands and Turkey 16 days Sept 2016. I’ve attached the flier for you to check out. We have done cruises before but this one seems to have the ultimate destinations and is great value on every level. If booked before June 30, 2015 it is available at Parr. Air and food including wine with dinner, all land excursions, plus 3 nights in Athens to list some of the excitement. How fantastic if we could reunite at our own table on a small elegant cruise ship to tour the tiny Greek Is and Turkey. What a blast it would be. Without a doubt we seemed to have a special connection beyond the fun of the travel. Check it out and tell your friends maybe we could have our own group. This is not offered by World Wide Quest but by Merit Travel a company of equal reputation. Keep in touch and hope to see you when everyone is in Toronto.

Warm regards

Maggie Broda

Click Here to Download the Cruise PDF